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An Invitation to the Paoli Society, Paoli Hospital's Legacy Society

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Members of the Paoli Society have expressed their commitment to Paoli Hospital through a very special and important form of financial support.

These donors have named the Hospital as the ultimate beneficiary of a planned gift. Such gifts might include a bequest and/or charitable income gifts, such as charitable gift annuities, charitable remainder unitrusts, charitable remainder annuity trusts, or gifts of life insurance.

Once you complete your estate plans, please fill out our member profile form to let us know. We would like to thank you for your generosity by including you in the Paoli Society.

Membership Benefits

Your membership involves no dues, obligations, or solicitations, but it does allow us to thank you and recognize you for the plans you have made, and it may inspire generosity in others.

Benefits of membership in the Paoli Society also include annual luncheons, invitations to special events and seminars and a subscription to our newsletter.

The most important benefit, however, you will receive from joining the Paoli Society is the satisfaction derived from making a lasting contribution to our long-term prosperity.

Paoli Society Members

Paoli Hospital deeply appreciates the commitment to our future made by the following living individuals who have included the Paoli Hospital Foundation in their long-term financial or estate plans. In recognition of their thoughtfulness, we proudly affirm that they are enrolled in The Paoli Society, established to honor individuals who have named the Hospital as the beneficiary of their will (bequest), IRA, qualified retirement plan, living trust, life insurance policy or other estate-related instrument.

As of June 30, 2019

Anonymous Friend (6)
Ronald G. and Michaleen A. Allen
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen G. Aylward
Barbara C. Borst
Susan and Robert Bucco
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Campbell, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Cockley
Pamela A. Costanzi
Ms. Christine De Bonis
Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Dearden
Rosemary and John Diederich
James M. Draper
Sandi A. Draper
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Elefritz
Thomas and JoAnne Fillippo
Dr. Robert C. Fried
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Gudowicz
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Haarlander
Bob and Irene Haver
Mr. Gary and Mrs. Patricia Holloway
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Hubley
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Komar Jr.
Brad and Joyce Lamson-Scribner

Mr. and Mrs. W. Mifflin Large Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Richard K. Layman
Mr. and Mrs. J. Richard Leaman, Jr.
Joyce and Lucas Leone
Mrs. George C. Liacouras
Madeleine L. Long, MD
Mr. and Mrs. John J. McElroy III
Mr. and Mrs. James W. McLane
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. McLaughlin, Jr.
Stephen H. Palmer, Esq.
Susan and Warren Richards
Mr. Robert J. Riley
Mr. and Mrs. Alan H. Ross
Dr. and Mrs. Robert A. Ruggiero Sr.
Bill and Meghan Sayer
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Shreffler
Mr. Allan W. Staats
Mr. Louis N. Teti
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Vucelich
Joe and Jolly Waterman
Penelope P. Watkins
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Wilson Jr.

Estates & Trusts

Those donors no longer with us who have supported Paoli Hospital through an estate or trust gift are listed.

Anonymous Friend (4)
Estate of Alfred K. Althouse Jr.
Estate of Norbert J. Armstrong
Estate of Nita S. Baugh
Estate of Mr. and Mrs. William A. Beacham
Estate of Henry S. Belber, II
Estate of Leon M. Bender
Katherine Ramsay Blyth Trust
Estate of George W. and Betty J. Butler
Estate of Ann Campbell
Estate of Catherine Capitanio
Estate of George W. Clemmans
Estate of Ben Coleman
Estate of Cecilia Coleman
Helene Von C. Cowan Trust
Estate of Lucia M. Di Serafino
Estate of Ruth Edna Duffy
Estate of Edith C. Elliott
Estate of Violet Fell
Estate of Julia Fletcher
Estate of Samuel Forsythe
Estate of Charles F. and Carolyn G. Fretz
Estate of Evelyn M. Froebe
Estate of Miriam E. Gateson
Estate of Catharine Ann Graff
Dorrance H. Hamilton Charitable Lead Trust
Estate of Gordon B. Hattersley Jr.
Estate of Marion M. Heffron
Estate of Evelyn T. Herwegh
Estate of Marion F. Hosbach
Marjorie S. Hosfeld, MD Trust
Estate of Harold A. Hyatt
Estate of L. Burnett and Margaret M. Jones
Estate of Hugh and Mary B. Kenworthy
Estate of Ethel M. Kish
Estate of Alice D. Lachmann
Estate of Ferdinand LaMotte IV
Estate of Bertha D. LaRue
Estate of Katherine and Benjamin Leach
Estate of Alexander and Barbara Lengyel
Estate of Leroy Moody Lewis, Jr.
Mary L. Lloyd Trust Fund
Estate of Patricia K. Lockhart

Estate of Elmer E. and Shirley F. Lucas
Clara B. Mackie Trust
Estate of Mary O. Mahoney
Estate of John Markle Jr.
Estate of James G. Matthews
Estate of Eulalie L. Mayell
Estate of Mrs. Edward F. McAleer
Estate of Hazel F. McConnell
Estate of Mary A. Morelli
Estate of Mr. and Mrs. Walter L. Morgan
Estate of Flossie Quillin Norris
Estate of Elizabeth T. Oat
Estate of Helene Ogden
Estate of Marjorie H. Panitt
Robert Paren Trust
Estate of Edith H. Parker
Estate of Vera Corey Henderson Parry
Estate of James T. Parsons
Estate of Allen J. Peirce
Estate of Joseph L. Pyle
Anne M. Reimel Trust
Estate of William E. Reimer, Jr.
Estate of JoAnne L. Roosa
Edward C. Roth Charitable Lead Trust
Estate of Judith M. Rubinstein
Leon Charles Saunders Trust
Estate of Pauline E. Schubert
Rodney Sharp Trust Fund
Martha R. Smith Trust
Estate of Irma K. Suydam
Estate of Gilbert P. Talbot
Estate of Harry F. and Viola M. Taylor
Estate of Vita C. Thompson
Estate of Rachel Townsend Trust Fund
Estate of Richard C. and Laura R. Unger
Estate of Joseph and Gertrude Weaver
Estate of Albert Sidney Williams, Jr.
Estate of Susan A. Willis
Estate of Marjorie and Herbert Winokur
Estate of Marie M. Yarnall
Estate of Alice E. Young
Estate of Kenneth H. Zabriskie, Jr.

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